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JaMes9319 Accessories

JaMes9319 Accessories

Oct 7, 2009


Rear Paddock Stand

Paddock Stand extra heavy duty red finish reinforced complete with wheels, suitable for Superbike use.

This item comes in a RED colours.

Paddock stand Hook kit & " J" Hook
Made from heavy duty 38mm tubing
• Zinc coated to resist corrosion
• Double wheels for increased stability
• Dual support bracket for use with bobbins or flat swingarm’s
• Slide handle to minimise space required by stand
The Motrax rear paddock stand is more than strong enough to cope with any motorcycle. With dual brackets the stand can be used with bobbins, raisers or straight onto the swing arm. The slide handle gives excellent leverage and can then be slid under the rear wheel to reduce space once the bike has been elevated
BRAND NEW front wheel grab/stand

Price :RM 160/unit

1 comment:

  1. bro, is it anyway i can juz get the "j" hook from the 3rd pic show above? when i bought tis paddock stand it doesnt come wif the "j" hook. thx.