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JaMes9319 Accessories

JaMes9319 Accessories

Oct 7, 2009


Subject: GIPRO Gear Indicator

Gear Indicator for Kawasaki Motocycles:


Ninja 250R(2008-2009)
Ninja 650R(2006-2009)
Valcan 900/VN900(2006-2009)

Warranty: 2 yrs
Colour: Red & Blue

Unlike other Gear Indicator available for your bike,this product connect to
the Diagnostic Connector,It makes the installation VERY simple just Plug &
Play.The unit reads data direct from the ECU ,offering and more realiable
readings the competitive products

GIpro Plug & Play Gear Indicator

The Ultimate Gear Indicator with built-in Advanced Timing Retard Eliminator

Specifically designed for selected SUZUKI, Kawasaki and Triumph EFI motorcycles

Gear Indicators compute gear position from engine and wheel speed, while the GIpro reads the Gear Position Sensor directly. This is why the GIpro gives faster and more reliable readings under any conditions.

Price :RM510/unit ( Free Delivery )

Payment: COD

Delivery Time : Ex-stock Prior to Sales

Colour :Red & Blue

Warranty: Robust design

-2 year replacement warranty

-Waterproof housing

-Microchip on board, full SMD-design

Quick installation:Plug-n-go wiring harness, easy to mount display

If you interest on above accessory, please do not hesitate to SMS/Contact me.



 +6019 44 9999 8 


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